Clinical Redesign Methodology

11th April 2024
Hayley Michell

Hayley Michell, Managing Consultant – Clinical Redesign Lead

In my last news and views article, I talked about what clinical strategy and redesign is at the TU and how we support our clients to undertake redesign. I also highlighted some of the work that we have done previously.

Today I am sharing more information on the methodology that we use for clinical redesign. If you would like to know more or have a conversation about how the TU might be able to support you, then please get in touch.


Our Clinical Redesign Methodology

We use our proven methodology to co-design a bespoke solution to address your clinical challenges and financial constraints.

Clinical Re-design Methodology Process

Whether it be the end-to-end process or aspects of the process that you may not have the resource to deliver, we provide expertise that will work closely with clinical and operational teams, engaging with patients, service users, carers, and stakeholders to deliver the desired outcome.

From single specialties to system-wide, regional, or national services, our team works with clinical and analytics experts to understand your services and ensure the best alternatives, given your perimeters. We bring together service and quality specifications, national and international best practice to give options for delivery that are both clinically safe and financially viable, whilst meeting the needs of those using the service.

Our public consultation experience ranges from small local, to large regional consultation, and judicial review. Our track record of positive outcomes demonstrates our commitment to include patient and public engagement from the outset of our design.

Where required, we can include specific expertise in analytics, finance, and stakeholder engagement, to ensure you receive the optimal skills resourcing for your project or programme.

Our full offer includes all aspects of clinical redesign, including:

How we can help you

If you have a transformation programme and you’d like to discuss how we can help, please get in contact. As part of NHS Midlands & Lancashire we have access to great range of expertise whether that be strategic planning, business cases, clinical redesign or complex programme management.