Our Values

At the heart of the TU are our values which underpin all of our work:
We are People Focused
We are Driven
We act with Integrity
We Empower our people
26th February 2022

We Are People Focused

  • We have those who access and deliver health and care at the heart of all we do. We recognise, acknowledge and celebrate all contributions.

We are Driven

  • We respectfully challenge convention, ourselves and each other to excel. We have the strength, willingness and determination to make things happen.

We act with Integrity

  • We act professionally with compassion, respect, responsibility and honesty. We do what is right and fair, not what is easy. We are accountable for all of our actions.

We Empower our people

  • We actively support, develop and care for all our people. ​ We value our health and wellbeing and ensure it is our priority.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an organisation that shares the spirit and values of the NHS, we recognise that we have a duty to make a positive contribution to society beyond our daily work. We have chosen to focus our efforts on the following four areas to deliver social value through our activities, both within and outside of the organisation:

  • Health and wellbeing of our employees and stakeholders
  • Contributions to sustainable local communities through volunteering and charitable giving
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Sustainability and Climate Change

Through focusing our CSR activities in these areas, we commit to delivering social value for the benefit of our team, those we work with, and our communities. To support this aim, each of our team have five full days’ worth of ‘Volunteer hours’ to use as they see fit each year, and we have also sought to develop partnerships with local organisations to enable us to focus our efforts.


Manchester Mind

Manchester Mind is a local charity that does brilliant work to support 7,000 young people and adults with mental health issues every year. They are completely independent, raising their own funds each year, and provide a number of invaluable resources and services for those in need. We are incredibly proud to support them.

You can find further information about Manchester Mind’s diverse projects and services, and access their JustGiving page.

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