21 June 2023

How we can help you respond to your financial challenges

Alison Wright, Managing Consultant We have worked with our colleagues at Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (@MLCSU) to launch our offer to help organisations respond to financial challenges. We…

How we can…
26th February 2022

Why we offer Finance support

Our health and care systems need financial sustainability in order to achieve their objectives, and need to be driven by value for money when making investment decisions about transformation programmes.

Large transformational programmes need dedicated financial leadership. This often involves support to develop business cases. It also involves working with the programme director and system finance leaders to strategically manage the financial aspects of the programme.

Our team is widely accredited with Better Business Case training to support all manner of business cases.

We can support our clients to:

Our experienced team can provide transformational finance support at a system level and at a programme level. Our support offer includes:​

  • establish common financial frameworks across organisational boundaries
  • quantify costs and benefits (including cash-releasing, cost-avoidance, qualitative and societal benefits)
  • produce HM Treasury compliant business cases including economic and financial analysis
  • use benchmarking data, evidenced case studies and local intelligence to understand the financial opportunities for projects and schemes
  • broker system conversations regarding funding for transformation and changes in funding flows.

Case studies

Making Robust Decisions: Securing Capital Investment

In June 2021, NHSX commissioned the Transformation Unit to support the PODAC Team (a team…