26th February 2022

What is Finance Support

Large transformational programmes need dedicated financial leadership. Furthermore, systems need an oversight of the combined financial impact of their transformation programmes.

At a system level, financial sustainability is a key objective to meet statutory duties and to ensure value for money is achieved. Transformation programmes need to be working in congruence and in a consistent manner to ensure resources are prioritised effectively.

At a programme level, a key part of the financial leadership is support writing business cases. However, it is also much wider than this: working with both the programme director and system finance leaders to strategically manage the financial aspects of the programme.

How we can Support

Our experienced team can provide transformational finance support at a system level and at a programme level. Our support offer includes:​

  • Working with senior financial stakeholders to establish a common financial framework across a system​
  • Helping project managers understand and quantify the benefits and costs of their projects
  • Quantifying both cash releasing and cost avoidance benefits​
  • Using benchmarking data, evidenced case studies and local intelligence to understand the financial opportunities for projects and schemes​
  • Brokering system conversations around funding for transformation and changes in funding flows​
  • Advising on business case best practice, including economic analysis and financial risk quantification​
  • Identifying, prioritising and quantifying benefits including cash releasing, non-cash releasing, qualitative and societal benefits
  • Providing critical friend support
  • Authoring economic and finance cases in accordance with Green Book guidance

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