26th February 2022

Why we offer Analytics support

Good transformation and clinical redesign uses data-driven insight to underpin decision-making. Data interpretation should be accessible, easy to understand and clearly communicated.

Strategic business intelligence enables systems and organisations to get under the surface of their data
to analyse variation, look for root causes, understand underlying health inequalities and explore relationships between different data sets.

Demand and capacity modelling helps systems and providers to understand capacity, translate population health needs into demand forecasts and then model the impact of their change programmes on other services, facilities and finance.

We can support our clients to:

  • use geospatial data to understand the best location for delivery of services
  • understand the impact of deprivation, demography and digital inclusion on service design
  • analyse the impact of redesign projects on capacity within the service and provider as well as on the wider system
  • model the impact of hospital discharges on community provision
  • model elective recovery based on various redesign scenarios
  • explore population needs and the impact on future demand.

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