Clinical Strategy & Redesign

Who we have worked with

We have supported a range of projects that include:

  • NHSX – Digital PODAC programme
  • NHSX – e-RS programme
  • Staffordshire Integrated Care Record programme – pathway development
  • Greater Manchester Continuing Healthcare (CHC) – new referral platform
26th February 2022

The Opportunity

In its most basic form, clinical redesign is the transformation of services, considering from scratch the best way to achieve quality care driven by a patient and carer perspective. This includes identification of delays, unnecessary steps, potential for error and then redesigning the process to remove them and significantly improve quality of care. The development of a supporting strategy promotes the positive changes that have already been made and builds upon these to make our healthcare system more sustainable for the future.

Clinical redesign experts at the TU are trained to support clients with transformation opportunities to improve the patient journey by ensuring people are treated by the right person, in the right place, at the right time. To do this, it is imperative that clinical processes are developed through engaging staff and supporting new ways of working to drive efficiency and inspire change.

The TU has developed a well-defined phased approach to clinical transformation and strategy development with an impressive track record of success.

How we can support

We can support the redesign of services both in and out of the hospital setting, long term or more immediate, across large or smaller geographies by:

  • Mapping: Framing the question and identifying the problem.
  • Diagnostics: Quantifying the problem with data, patient feedback or gap analysis of standards / KPIs.
  • Solutions: Co-designing resolutions via robust engagement, options appraisal and contributing to a Pre-Consultation / Decision Making Business Case
  • Implementation: Working with teams to create sustainable plans to deliver the agreed option.
  • Evaluation: Continual reflection to ensure the successful delivery of all goals.

Who we have worked with

We have supported a range of projects that include:

  • Lancashire & South Cumbria ICS
  • Cheshire & Mersey
  • Greater Manchester

Who we have worked with

  • Lancashire &South Cumbria ICS - Developing the clinical approach for service re-design for six priority specialities.
  • Cheshire & Merseyside Health and Care Partnership - Developing a case for change and service change proposals for stroke services.
  • Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership - Redesigning the modle of care for A&E and emergency general surgery.




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