Clinical Strategy & Redesign

11 April 2024

Clinical Redesign Methodology

Hayley Michell, Managing Consultant – Clinical Redesign Lead In my last news and views article, I talked about what clinical strategy and redesign is at the TU and how we…

Clinical Redesign Methodology
26th February 2022

Why we offer Clinical Strategy and Redesign support

We work closely with patients, carers and health and care professionals to identify the best ways to improve services.

Our clinical redesign experts strive to:

  • transform services and clinical pathways to achieve improved quality of care
  • pinpoint the issues and then start to resolve them
  • ensure that staff are inspired to change through adopting new strategy, pathways or ways of working.

We have developed a robust, phased approach to clinical transformation and strategy development with an impressive track record of success. Clinical and care standards, and service co-dependencies inform the improvement process.

We can support the redesign of services across all settings, for immediate or long term outcomes, and across large and small areas by:

  • Mapping: framing the question and identifying the problem
  • Diagnostics: quantifying the problem with data, patient feedback or gap analysis of standards /
    KPIs to define the case for change
  • Solutions: co-designing solutions via robust engagement, options appraisal and development of new models of care
  • Implementation: working with teams to create sustainable plans to deliver the agreed option
  • Evaluation: continual reflection to ensure the successful delivery of all goals and realise identified benefits.

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