Case study
2 months ago

Primary Care Transformation

Developing a transformation strategy for a group of GP practices in Merseyside. The client: Primary Care 24 (PC24) The Challenge PC24 faced challenges around financial sustainability and recruiting, as well as retaining salaried staff. We were asked to develop a transformation strategy that would enable them to deliver a financially sustainable GP service, supported by a resilient salaried workforce. Our Approach We wanted to make sure that the options we developed were realistic and wo...


Director - Janet

Case study
3 months ago

Transforming Stroke Services

Developing a case for change and service change proposals for stroke services across Cheshire and Merseyside The client: Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership The Challenge Cheshire and Merseyside were facing significant challenges around workforce. There were variations in access to, and the quality of, rehabilitation services, and levels of activity between stroke services also varied; making some services less sustainable than others. Our Approach We worked in partnersh...

Case study
3 months ago

Supporting Workforce Development

Developing a framework that will identify, implement and train peer support workers within a wide range of clinical specialities. The Client: Health Education England The Challenge Peer support workers improve patients’ experience of care and support improvements in population health outcomes. A number of peer support programmes around mental health already exist, Health Education England (HEE) asked for our support in developing a framework that would enable this role to work across a br...

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