Population Health Dashboard

8th March 2023

Map of the UK including individual counties.

Any transformation or service change should be designed with the patient at the centre. Therefore, understanding the population demographic is essential to ensuring changes are made where they are needed and are tailored to the population, which can be investigated using this Population Health Dashboard.

Geospatial mapping provides a more precise and accessible way to visualise complex data as well as being generally more engaging. Patterns, such as higher deprivation in areas of higher disease prevalence, are more easily recognised. These insights lead to a greater understanding of the overall population health.

We work closely with our clients to extract the most relevant data and translate this into geospatial maps. Our demographic analysis is used to support everything from business cases to clinical redesign. We support projects by using a variety of data, including:


  • Deprivation
  • Age Profile
  • Ethnicity
  • Population Density

Health Outcomes

  • Mortality rates
  • Disease prevalence
  • Years of Life lost