Inclusive Recruitment

23rd November 2022

Inclusive recruitmentSarah Maynard-Walker talks about her recent experience of her involvement in recruitment at the TU.

Making our recruitment processes more inclusive and accessible to all

I recently had the privilege of supporting a recruitment round at the TU, supremely organised by my colleague Hayley Michell and all done alongside her day to day managing consultant delivery duties. We take recruitment very seriously in the TU. Our staff are our greatest assets and from a hard commercial angle, our primary marketing collateral.

We have undertaken a lot of reflection on our recruitment strategy in the last 6 months, challenging ourselves regarding our diversity, the ways we can improve this and enable candidates to thrive and shine in the process. All credit to our EDI Team and Hayley here for this, being honest and objective is hard work when you have so much invested.

Ahead of the interview, we now share not only the presentation topic but also the interview questions, to support all candidates to prepare and show the best versions of themselves during the interview process. In particular we wanted to help those who are neuro diverse to feel more prepared and have an equal opportunity to shine. All candidates have fed back this was very helpful to them. Why create an environment of tension and uncertainty when you want people to show their best selves? All credit to my colleagues for their efforts in this, it’s really progressive and enshrines the TU values.

Read more about out TU Values here and as ever, if you want to know more, please do get in touch.