System Governance & Assurance

Who we have worked with

We have supported a range of projects that include:

  • NHSX – Digital PODAC programme
  • NHSX – e-RS programme
  • Staffordshire Integrated Care Record programme – pathway development
  • Greater Manchester Continuing Healthcare (CHC) – new referral platform
26th February 2022

The Opportunity

Having effective arrangements and controls in place for processes surrounding decision making, finance, risk and quality is crucial for the health and care sector to proactively manage and maintain high standards of delivery and safe practice. The statutory changes affecting ICS arrangements and the introduction of ICBs add an extra level of complexity for systems, places and organisations to consider.

How we can support

The TU has an array of experience to support your particular challenges in this area. This could be:

  • Designing consultation plans for major service changes which meet the national guidance (planning-assuring-delivering-service-change-v6-1.pdf (
  • Supporting formal transactions, mergers and new operating model design and/or implementation
  • Completion of readiness assessments in preparation of undertaking additional strategic or operational functions
  • Undertaking a review of your transformations programme and the strategic fit with your priorities
  • Supporting the development of an acute model of care within the context of an integrated care model
  • Developing a benefits framework for a large-scale transformation

Who we have worked with

  • Greater Manchester Commissioning - Leading a system level process and governance review of the Effective Use of Resources operating model
  • Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership - Undertaking a high level review of the system level processes and governance for transformation programmes.
  • Cheshire East Partnership - Designing the governance framework for the development of an acute model of care.
  • Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership - Designing and managing the programme governance across twelve Boards and sub-groups.

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