Primary Care Transformation

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‘Without the TU, we would simply not have been able to produce a costed, credible and robust plan to present to our commissioners in the short time we had. They understood our requirements and quickly produced an excellent piece of work which did not compromise on quality’

Dr Mary Ryan, Chief Executive, Primary Care 24

23rd February 2022
Case study

Director - Janet

Developing a transformation strategy for a group of GP practices in Merseyside.

The client: Primary Care 24 (PC24)

The Challenge

PC24 faced challenges around financial sustainability and recruiting, as well as retaining salaried staff. We were asked to develop a transformation strategy that would enable them to deliver a financially sustainable GP service, supported by a resilient salaried workforce.

Our Approach

We wanted to make sure that the options we developed were realistic and would work for PC24 and their staff. Talking with a range of stakeholders helped us to find out more about their experiences and what they thought the main issues were for them. We provided mentoring and training to staff to enable Primary Care 24 to sustain professional management of their future programmes of work.

The Outcome

We developed a comprehensive and evidence-based strategic outline case for PC24 executive staff to present to NHS England Primary Care. It included:

  • A new multi-disciplinary staffing model to maximise GP time for complex patients and allow them to share resources across practices i.e. pharmacy, whilst maintaining a local community focus.
  • Plans to implement digital ways of working to improve collaborative working and access across practices
  • A phased transformation plan with associated resource costs which delivers reductions in expenditure over the next three years.






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